Versailles Series 7-Light Floor Candelabra – Adjustable


Versailles Series 7-Light Floor Candelabra – a grand and opulent addition to your Christian decor, inspired by the timeless beauty of the Versailles tradition. This exquisitely crafted floor candelabra is designed to bring an air of regal splendor to your sacred space, enhancing the visual majesty of your Christian banners and creating an atmosphere of elegance. Elevate your sacred space with the “Versailles Series 7-Light Floor Candelabra” and let its majestic glow inspire a deeper connection to the traditions of Versailles. Purchase yours today and bring a touch of elegance and spiritual radiance to your Christian banners and ceremonies.

Material: Brass

Size: 60″ H, 13″ W base, 7/8″ Dia Sockets


Our Versailles Series 7-light floor candelabra is certainly the most popular church candelabra in the marketplace, and especially suitable for a “living memorial.” Careful attention given to every detail of fit and finish assures having a strikingly handsome piece. Arms adjust through a complete range of settings from a V, right slant, left slant, horizontal or inverted V.