“Saint Jude” Patron Saint Candles (12 Candles)


Patron Saint Candles
The special devotional candle with full six day burning time.

  • Each glass individually painted
  • 2-13/16″ diameter x 8-1/16″ length
  • 12 Candles per Box


The Saint Jude Patron Saint Candle commemorates Saint Jude, the patron saint of desperate causes.  Saint Jude traveled as a missionary and taught people to be simple, humble, and prayerful.  Praying to Saint Jude has obtained miraculous recovery for those stricken with terrible illness or disease.  The holy Apostle obtains help for those in distress, poverty, misery, pain, despair, and in circumstances where aid seems utterly impossible.  His feast day is celebrated on October 28th.  This candle is a perfect symbol of prayer, and can be used to ask for intercession from the Saints.  A great gift for friends and family!

  • 12 candles per order
  • Approx. Burn Time: 6 Days
  • Diameter: 2-13/16″
  • Height: 8-1/16″


A Prayer to St. Jude for Today:  St. Jude, may your path of hope be mine in the days ahead.  I promise in faith to share your hope with others, to forgive as I am forgiven by my Father in heaven, and to show caring and kindness at every opportunity.  Guide me, St. Jude, so that I begin each new day with gratitude, truth, and hope in my heart.  Challenge me, St. Jude, to end each day reflecting on my actions and motivations so that I grow in faith, love, and hope.  Amen.


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Weight 25 oz