“Our Lady of Perpetual Help” Patron Saint Candles (12 Candles)


Patron Saint Candles
The special devotional candle with full six day burning time.

  • Each glass individually painted
  • 2-13/16″ diameter x 8-1/16″ length
  • 12 Candles per Box


The Our Lady of Perpetual Help Patron Saint Candle commemorates the Virgin Mary as depicted on a 15th century Byzantine icon.  She is the patron saint of Haiti.  The feast day of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is celebrated on June 27th.  The candle is a perfect symbol of prayer, and can be used to ask for intercession from the Saints.  A great gift for friends and family!

  • 12 candles per order
  • Approx. Burn Time: 6 Days
  • Diameter: 2-13/16″
  • Height: 8-1/16″


Prayer to Our Lady of Perpetual Help:  Mother of Perpetual Help, today we face so many difficulties.  Your picture tells us so much about you.  It reminds us to reach out and help those in need.  Help us understand that our lives belong to others as much as they belong to us.  Mary, Model of Christian love, we know we cannot heal every ill or solve every problem.  But with God’s grace, we intend to do what we can.  May we be true witnesses to the world that love for one another really matters.  May our daily actions proclaim how fully our lives are modeled after yours, Mother of Perpetual Help.


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Weight 25 oz