Oaktone Offering Plate


Oaktone Offering Plate – a symbol of tradition and timeless elegance in the act of giving. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this offering plate combines the warmth of oak with a classic design, creating a beautiful and functional piece for your church’s collection of accessories. Facilitate the act of giving with grace and reverence using the Oaktone Offering Plate. Whether used during regular services, special events, or ceremonies, this exquisite piece invites your congregation to contribute with a sense of tradition and commitment, fostering a deeper connection within your church community.

Material: Molded Plastic

Size: 12″ Dia


This new Oak tone Offering Plate has a fine wood grain look and a center maroon pad, giving it a look that is appropriate for both contemporary and traditional services. The durable molded composition will provide years of service.

Please note: Due to the production process, the color may vary slightly from what is shown.