IHS Resin Candlestick


IHS Resin Candlestick – a symbolically rich and spiritually significant addition to your collection of church accessories, meticulously crafted to bring an air of sacred tradition and reverence to your sanctuary. This intricately designed resin candlestick features the iconic IHS emblem, standing as a visual representation of Jesus and contributing to the warm and glowing ambiance of your church decor. Elevate your church sanctuary with the “IHS Resin Candlestick” and let its emblematic presence inspire a deeper connection to faith and devotion. Purchase yours today and bring a sense of timeless beauty and reverence to your collection of church accessories and moments of worship.

Material: Resin

Size: 6-1/2″H, 7″W Base , 1-1/2″ Dia Socket

Minimum Purchase: 2 units