Hanging Sanctuary Lamp with Ruby Glass


Hanging Sanctuary Lamp with Ruby Glass – a symbol of perpetual light and spiritual significance, meticulously crafted to adorn your sacred space with elegance and reverence. This hanging sanctuary lamp is designed to create a focal point of perpetual light, symbolizing the eternal presence of the divine within your church. Elevate your church sanctuary with the “Hanging Sanctuary Lamp with Ruby Glass” and let its radiant design inspire a deeper connection to faith and devotion. Purchase yours today and bring a sense of enduring beauty and reverence to your collection of church accessories.

Material: Solid Brass/Glass

Size: 3″ Dia x 5-1/2″ H Brass, 3″ Dia x 3″ H Glass, 12″ L Chain


This Hanging Sanctuary Lamp is the perfect choice for chapels and sanctuaries. Featuring highly polished solid brass and ruby glass, careful attention was given to every detail of fit and finish to ensure years of use.

Candles are sold separately.