Classic Altar Set – 24″


Classic Altar Set – a timeless and gracefully designed ensemble crafted to enhance the sacred atmosphere of your church sanctuary. This meticulously curated set, including an altar cross, a pair of candlesticks, and an altar candle holder, embodies the essence of traditional elegance, making it a perfect addition to your collection of church accessories. Elevate your church environment with the “Classic Altar Set” and let its timeless design inspire a deeper connection to faith and devotion. Purchase yours today and bring a sense of enduring beauty and reverence to your collection of church accessories and moments of worship.

Material: Brass

Size: 24″ H Cross, 10″ H Candlesticks, 11″ H Vases


This Altar Set from Sudbury Brass™ is the perfect choice for chapels and smaller sanctuaries. Each piece is crafted from solid brass and meticulously polished until a mirror finish is achieved. The triad base is designed to represent the Holy Trinity.