“Benedictine” Paschal Candle


Benedictine Paschal Candle

  • Hand tooled to ensure a blemish free finish
  • Made of 51% beeswax
  • Experienced artisans craft the ornamentation through hand-carving, wax-laying, and full-color appliqu
  • Clear


    The “Benedictine” Paschal Candle is a beautiful symbol of new life through the Risen Christ.  This candle is designed with beauty and liturgical practice in mind, and handcrafted to burn with confidence for a long-lasting, smoke-free performance.

    • 51% Beeswax
    • Hand-tooled to ensure a blemish free finish
    • Ornamentation crafted by artisans through hand-carving and wax-laying
    • Many sizes available!