Altar Cross with IHS Emblem


Altar Cross with IHS Emblem – a sacred and emblematic addition to your collection of church accessories, meticulously crafted to enhance the spiritual significance of your sanctuary. This altar cross, adorned with the iconic IHS emblem, serves as a powerful symbol of the Christian faith, adding a touch of reverence and beauty to your church decor. Elevate your church sanctuary with the “Altar Cross with IHS Emblem” and let its emblematic design inspire a deeper connection to faith and devotion. Purchase yours today and bring a sense of timeless beauty and reverence to your collection of church accessories and moments of worship.

Material: Brass

Size: 24″ H


IHS is an ancient monogram formed from the first three letters – Iota, Eta and Sigma – of the Greek word for Jesus: IHSOUS. The letters also represent the phrase Iesous Hominum Salvator: Jesus, savior of man.

Our Altar cross complements both contemporary and traditional church decor and wipes clean with brass cleaner. Some assembly required.

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